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Native American Inlay Rings

The Zuni and Navajo tribes are the most well known in the Southwest area for Inlay creations. There is not much difference between them, however, the Zuni artists/silversmiths usually create jewelry that is more delicate and somewhat shinier. The Navajo artists create with a little more bulkiness and less luster. Two different styles, but the concepts in designing them are the same.

Both tribes like to use turquoise such as Sleeping Beauty and Kingman turquoise. They are both mined in Arizona, and can be purchased directly from the miner.

Inlay jewelry is actually the most impressive type of jewelry designed in North America. It involves working with native silver and semi-precious stones by putting them into distinctive inlay and overlay designs. This inlay art remains a strong and vibrant tradition today, and the Zuni and Navajo artists are still using their years of experience and craftsmanship today.

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