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Native American Eagle Jewelry

The eagle, it is believed, works as a messenger for the Creator. It is tasked with the job of carrying the prayers of humans from the earth world to the spirit world where they believed the creator resides. Seeing an eagle during a prayer ceremony was taken as a sign of having one’s prayers accepted. If the Native Americans wanted the Creator to take immediate notice of them they would hold up an eagle feather in their hands. These prayers are often displayed in eagle Jewelry and eagle artifacts

Each part of the eagle has different symbolic meanings. For example the wings of the eagle are taken as a symbol of the balance between males and females. It shows the interdependency of one upon the other and how both must work in cooperation to achieve the desired results. These eagle wings are often depicted on mandellas and artifacts and eagle necklaces and eagle bracelets

The Native Americans attached great importance to eagle feathers. They were a prominent part in many religious practices and ceremonies. The feathers were held in such high esteem that in case someone dropped a feather on the ground it would be given a thorough cleaning. The feather had to be guarded until the cleaning ceremony was conducted.

The residents of the plains would make use of the wing bones of the eagles to make whistles. These whistles were blown during dance ceremonies. For the Pueblo tribe the golden eagle was regarded as being the war eagle. Hence they would keep its molted feathers. It was also a common feature to make use of eagle feathers on headdresses and weapons.

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