Native American Concho Belts

Native American Concho Belts (Concha Belts)

Among the most striking pieces of Native American jewelry are the Concho belts. They are handcrafted by Native American artists and silversmiths that we happen to have working in our shop at Alltribes, in Gilbert, Arizona. Therefore, the beauty and workmanship are unsurpassed. Most of our artists are members of the Navajo tribe, using their artistry to bring out the natural beauty in the precious metals and stones they

Native American Concho Belts are almost always made of sterling silver with detailed hand-stamped designs, and often, have set or inlaid stones of Turquoise, Lapis, Coral, etc. Although Concho belts are typically associated with Navajo jewelry, we at Alltribes will occasionally carry Zuni Concho belts or Hopi Concho belts, as well. Often they are stylishly large and worn over pants or a dress, but occasionally they are small enough to be worn through belt loops. Equally appropriate for men’s or women’s attire, these belts are an opportunity for each silversmith to show their creativity, ability, and artistic expression. Beautifully and skillfully handcrafted, these works are wearable Native American Indian Art masterpieces.

“Concho Belt” (sometimes called “Concha Belt”) refers to a belt of Conchos (or conchas). The word Concho comes from the Spanish word “concha”, meaning “conch” or “seashell” or just “shell”, but has come to more commonly mean oval, round, or occasionally rectangular discs of silver used to adorn belts, jewelry and horse bridles.

History of Native American Concho Belts

Concho belts are a long-time Navajo tradition, yet it is widely believed that the Navajo jewelry artists and silversmiths borrowed the design elements of Conchos from Mexican horse bridles or from the hair ornaments of the Plains Indians (both of which likely originally came from the Spanish). However they originated, through adaptation or artistic exploration, they are now uniquely a Native American art form and exemplify the Southwestern look. The earliest Conchos were hammered flat from mostly Mexican or US silver coins, then hand-stamped and edged, then strung together onto a piece of leather through slots in the Conchos to create the Concho belt. Later in the evolution of Native American Concho belts, copper loops were soldered to the back of the Conchos, so that the Conchos could be slipped onto leather belts. By the early 1900’s, buckles were added along with “butterfly” spacers and turquoise stones were set onto the Conchos, buckles and butterflies. Because the earliest Conchos were mostly fashioned from silver coins hammered into discs (Conchos), it is thought that these early Concho belts became the symbol of wealth. Also, they have served as important ceremonial accents at different times. This is evidenced by the widespread use of Turquoise, which is recognized for healing properties in the sterling Concho belts.

There are generally two types of Native American Concho belts: leather and link. The leather Concho belts can be worn at the waist or on the hips, as the Conchos are adjustable along the leather. The link Concho belts are connected by rings and fasten with a hook that can be attached anywhere on the belt. This makes the Concho belts easier to fit, so that just about anyone can wear them.

We only sell authentic Native American Concho belts here at Alltribes. The Concho belt is a true symbol of the American Southwest. It is authentic and handcrafted, and impressive by anyone’s standards. It is a beautifully-crafted piece of work and wearable too! What more could a proud owner of one ask for? We would pride ourselves in finding or making one for you that would suit you perfectly. Check us out!!

Native Americans have been handcrafting jewelry since they first drew inspiration from their natural surroundings and transformed shell and stone into wearable jewelry. Some of the oldest discovered pieces date from over 10,000 years ago. The skilled artisans at Alltribes continue the age-old tradition and create captivating works of art that will surpass your expectations!

Alltribes is one of the rare jewelry stores that has a workshop employing Native American artists creating extraordinary pieces of jewelry on site. While most of our silversmiths are Navajo, we employ artists from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some work from home, on the reservation, and some work here in our shop. Alltribes Native American Art and Jewelry blends ancient history, natural beauty, and unparalleled expertise flawlessly. We are conveniently located near Scottsdale, Mesa and Phoenix, AZ in the historic town of Gilbert. Unfortunately, due to Covid and other factors, we are unable to take walk in customers at this time. We are more than happy to offer curbside pickup if you are in the area, give us a call.

Our Jewelry

The design and quality of our Silver and Turquoise jewelry are unmatched and stand far above the rest. Turquoise conveys a special meaning as it has for centuries and in populations across the globe. Turquoise signifies healing, spirit and good fortune. With masterful techniques, our artisans incorporate this semi-precious stone into beautiful and intricate designs, drawing customers from around the world.

You can own a piece of Native American artistry without spending a fortune. Alltribes provides deep discounts because we don't purchase our jewelry elsewhere. Our in-house artists and silversmiths create custom pieces without the extra expenses of middlemen, shipping and tariffs.

Our Local History

Gilbert, AZ provides the ideal location for crafting our Native American jewelry. The Navajo and Hopi Indian tribes have inhabited nearby lands for many thousands of years. Their eternal respect for natural beauty and their innate talent shines through in every handcrafted piece of jewelry.

Our dazzling, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise comes from a nearby mine in Globe, AZ. This unique and exceedingly rare turquoise is renowned for its hardness, durability, and gorgeous color. Our artisans preserve the natural beauty of this precious stone, so you can admire its elegance for years to come. A hand buffed polish protects the stones and heightens its natural beauty.

Our Tradition

In addition to Native American jewelry, Alltribes upholds the ancient traditions of Native Americans by offering more than remarkable jewelry. We offer a wide variety of Native American Cultural Art including authentic Hopi Kachina dolls, pueblo pottery, Navajo Wool Rugs, hand-dyed leather belts, dreamcatchers, tomahawks and other Southwestern and Native American artifacts, to beautify your home and your life. It is our pleasure, to help spread knowledge about the Native American culture to the general public.

As part of our continuing effort to inform and inspire, we offer a vast array of in-depth knowledge for those who want to learn more about Native Americans and the Southwest. Our online knowledge center is free for all and includes some of the most interesting and complete information available online.

Alltribes has been serving our valued customers for over 50 years, so you can rest assured that when you have a question or concern, we'll be right here, ready to help. When you purchase something online today, you never know if the company will still be there, next week or next month.

Alltribes' reputation and longstanding experience ensure you get more than just jewelry – you get a wealth of seasoned knowledge and exceptional service…..that you can count on! We consider our customers to be part of our extended family and we're proud to say that our family now spans continents. We'd love to have you join us!

In addition to our local Native American products, we offer distinguished wares, sourced from Native American tribes across the U.S. Navajo, Hopi, Zuni and other Native American artists provide one-of-a-kind items that we proudly offer to you, at direct to you prices!

Alltribes is much more than just a manufacturer, store and knowledge center. We keep a jewelry workshop on site. If you want a custom design, our silversmiths will work with you to turn your dream into reality. Have an idea for something new? Talk with our artisans and discuss how to bring it to fruition. And should your beloved jewelry ever need to be repaired, we help with that, too.

Whether you're a Native American enthusiast, a collector, a designer or simply someone who loves beauty, Alltribes showcases a diverse collection of superior artifacts, sure to satisfy even the most selective customer.