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Turquoise Bead Necklaces

Here at Alltribes Native American Indian Jewelry we manufacture some of the highest quality Navajo Native American Jewelry in the industry. Our turquoise beaded necklaces are no exception. Hand crafted by noted Navajo artists like Berlinda Begay we hand string our beaded necklace in the traditional Native American fashion. When we create turquoise beaded necklaces we look for the finest quality turquoise beads and use sterling silver to adorn them. Weather it is a turquoise nugget necklace or a beaded turquoise necklace we can assure you you will be extremely excited wearing your selected pieces.

Adding turquoise to silverwork was not a common practice until around 1900. Even then, one large stone was usually set into each classically simple piece. Other stones, used to a lesser extent, included opal, coral, malachite and jet to name a few. None ever enjoyed the popularity of turquoise.

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