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Sterling Silver Pendant Sets

Most of the Sterling Silver Pendant Sets pictured are from the Zuni or Navajo Tribes found in the American Southwest. Nothing compares to the elegance of a matching Sterling Silver Pendant Sets that includes a beautiful Sterling Silver Pendant and earrings. A handcrafted pair of Zuni Turquoise Inlaid Earrings and a Zuni Turquoisep Pendants create a Sterling Silver Pendant Setthat compliments any outfit. We have Sterling Silver Pendant Sets available in our collection that are Lapis, Green Turquoise, Spiny Oyster, and Opal, all set in sterling silver. Most of our Sterling Silver Pendants Setsare authentic signed pieces by the artist that created them. Many of the Zuni Sterling Silver Pendant Sets are decorated with turquoise channelwork. Channelwork is a modern technique whereby the artistan cuts stones to fit into tiny channels with perpendicular walls so that the stones are separated or outlined with silver. The Zuni artisan's ''needlepoint'' or ''petit point'' techniques employ small stones that taper at the ends and resemble woolen stitches on a canvas.

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