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Copper Bracelets

We have a variety of Copper Bracelets to choose from. We carry handmade Link Copper Bracelets, Twist Wire Copper Bracelets, Native American Copper Bracelets, Gemstone Copper Bracelets and more.

An old folk remedy for arthritis is the wearing of a copper bracelet to provide pain relief. The wearer is believed to absorb the copper through the skin to relieve joint pain. Today, copper absorption is primarily anecdotal and remains controversial. Although many people choose copper for function, most enjoy wearing copper jewelry for fashion not function.

Copper jewelry, including the therapeutic copper bracelet and the magnetic copper bracelet, is more affordable than Sterling Silver or Gold jewelry. Our Therapeutic Copper Bracelets are available in a wide variety of styles and designs. The exact size may be determined by measuring the circumference of the wrist. The actual size of the wrist is needed to make customized copper bracelets; however, other therapeutic copper bracelets or magnetic copper bracelets have already been made to fit a 6 to 7 inch wrist. There are one of a kind therapeutic copper bracelets created by such artists as Doug Etefitty and the Tahe Family, and a wide selection of Wholesale Copper Bracelet Lots available.

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