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Native American Pendants

Enjoy the look and feel of the American West with authentic handmade Sterling Silver Native American Pendants. Shop the #1 online leader in authentic Native American Pendants, Jewelry and Southwestern jewelry and artifacts.

From a single stone of Sleeping Beauty or Kingman Turquoise surrounded by brilliant Sterling Silver or an intricately inlaid multi-colored Bear pendant, we have a wide variety of handmade Native American Pendants. These quality pendants can be hung onto a simple Silver bead necklace or, if the bale is large enough, a multi-strand Treasure Necklace. Please take your time to explore our online store to find the exact handmade pendant that speaks to you!

Most Native American silversmiths come from a long line of artisans, for this is a time honored trade that is past down from generation to generation. Our Native American Pendants artists and Silversmiths are as talented as they come! Many of our artists today, both men and women, produce jewelry which is better classified as art and is worthy of display in museums. Our exciting mixture of high quality, handmade Native American Pendants are the best of the best and would be a unique and unforgettable addition to your everyday wear.

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