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Turquoise Hat Bands

Here at Alltribes, it is believed that there isn’t any Stetson or cowboy hat that should be without a hat band, as it complements the distinctive style of the South West region of the United States.  We have an intriguing collection of hat bands to choose from online, or at our showroom, which is located in Gilbert, Arizona.  We, even, have some very talented Navajo artisans that design them at this location for us.  Joey McCray and Verna Blackgoat are pretty well known in the area.  They are both well versed in craftsmanship, as they learned the trade from their ancestors.  They are two of the best.  Turquoise is the stone of choice for most of the hat band creations.  Sterling silver is used for the conchos, which are pounded and stamped with South Western designs.    The conchos are then, attached to either, black or brown leather strips.  The hat is then, sized, and you have a wonderful piece of jewelry that you may pass down for years.  The turquoise is also, genuine.  Sleeping Beauty and Kingman turquoise seem to be the stones of choice.  You see, both of these stones, are mined in Arizona.  We know that they are pure, as we buy them directly from the miners themselves.  Hat bands are an amusing work of wearable art.  One can dress their hat in style and give it some Western character.  Perhaps, you will let our artists at Alltribes provide you with that flair.  We would all be most happy to help you.  If you desire further information, please let us know!  You can depend on our expertise, as we have been in the business for almost fifty-plus years!

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