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Southwestern United States is a major source of rough turquoise; Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada are particularly rich. California and New Mexico were mined by pre-Columbian Native Americans using stone tools. New Mexico is thought to have the oldest mines; prior to the 1920s, this state was the nation's largest producer, it is more or less played out today. A single mine in California currently operates at a commercial capacity. Arizona is today the most significant producer of turquoise by value, with the vivid Sleeping Beauty turquoise being an example of the state's resources; much of the Arizona turquoise is mined as a by product of copper mining.

Nevada is the other major producer of the United States with more than 120 mines. Unlike elsewhere in the states, most Nevada mines have been worked for their gem turquoise and little has been produced as a result of other mines. In the Nevada deposits, most of the turquoise is hard and dense and does not need treatment or enhancement. While most counties in the state have yielded turquoise, the largest producers are in Lander and Esmerelda Counties. Nevada has produced a wide variety of colors and matrices, with turquoise coming in shades of blue, blue-green and green. Some of the unusually colored turquoise contains zinc and iron, which causes vivid green to yellow-green shades. Much of Nevada turquoise is also known for its brown or black spiderweb matrix. Many of the Nevada mines were first worked by Native Americans, and most of the Nevada turquoise production since the nineteenth century has been mined from Carico Lake. Despite growing costs, mining operations still continue at many mines in Nevada.

Some American turquoise is treated or enhanced, including waxing and dyeing. There are however, some mines that produce turquoise of high enough quality that treatment or alterations are not required. Any such treatments are disclosed to the buyer on sale of the material.

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