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Navajo Pottery

We have a giant selection of Pottery by Navajo Native American Indians; Hand Coiled, Hand Painted, Polychrome, Horsehair, Etched Horsehair Pottery and more...

Today, Pottery by Navajos are fired one pot at a time in an open pit outdoors with juniper wood both under and over the pot for several hours. Unlike other kinds of Indian pottery, Navajo pottery involves the application of a coat of hot melted pitch from a pinon tree to a pot before it is cooled. Most pottery was undecorated for centuries, except for textures that occurred in the fabrication, or the application of small symbols made of the same clay. The conservative nature of the pots may be attributed to the medicine men that imposed restrictive behavior regulations upon the women, who were making pottery.

Navajo potters often mix different types of clay together to obtain a variety of physical, chemical, and aesthetic qualities. The Navajos do not temper their clay with ground up old pot shards, which lessens the breakage of pots during firing. They believe the old pottery shards belonged to their forefathers, the Anasazi, and should remain in the ground.

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