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Native American Jewelry for Sale

Alltribes, working directly with some of the best Native American Jewelry artist from tribes such as; Navajo, Hopi, and Zuni artist around the American Southwest. We have several Jewelry artists who work in our shop and deal directly with hundreds in the four corners area. We take great pride in all of our Native American Jewelry and hope that each piece brings you tranquility and knowledge.


Native American Jewelry
Zuni Inlaid Ring

Although Native American Jewelry can be dated back to 7000 B.C. The type of Vintage Jewelry that dates back to these ancient times mainly consisted of shells and beads not the traditional Jewelry we are used to seeing of today. Shell beads, bone and antler carvings were the main components of ancient Native American Jewelry. In addition to these abalone, Mother of Pearl and Spiny oyster were also commonly found in ancient Southwest Native American Jewelry. Copper was probably the first metal used in Native American Jewelry and is still used today along with Sterling Silver and Gold. You will find an unbeatable selection of all types of Native American Jewelry from Alltribes!

Today Native Americans incorporate many different types of semi precious gemstones and metals into their Native American Jewelry. Turquoise & Coral are today the most common stones used in Navajo Native American Jewelry. Depending on the tribe, the styles and methods can vary. Navajo silversmiths are mainly noted for their Squash Blossom Necklaces and Concho belts as well as large raised freeform Turquoise Bracelets. Native American Jewelry have long been enjoyed as both decorative objects and as a form of jewelry expression. As with any art form, and understanding of the beauty of Native American Jewelry is enriched by an understanding of its origins and its development through time. Native American Jewelry including the development of techniques, the use of sterling silver and semi precious stones and the different influences that has gone for centuries. Modern Native American silversmiths have spread their talents and skill around the world and it is the Navajo, Hopi and Zuni in the American Southwest that have mastered it.

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