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Southwest Jewelry for Sale

Southwest jewelry has some of the most creative and distinctive styles available in their artistry today. The variety and the design that goes into every piece, which has been made by us, can be shown on our premiere online destination for any of your jewelry needs. Our inventory reflects the methods and the history that helped to make these spectacular works of arts so popular.

It is believed American Indians were taught the art of working silver in the 19th century. They quickly made the process their own with distinctive characteristics of Southwest jewelry that inspire today's popular styles.  Their use of overlay, stones and symbols made Southwest jewelry a highly sought after commodity.

That tradition continues today, and our customers are continually amazed by our huge selection of Southwest jewelry and art. Our collection includes, spectacular Southwest Jewelry, which was inspired by those early pieces.

Many people believe the most popular styles were developed in the early 1900s, when Southwest Indian jewelry designers began making silver items for themselves and for trading with other tribes. The beauty of those pieces soon attracted outsiders, and artists began trading Southwest Indian jewelry commercially.

Since that time, the craft has evolved into what it is today. It is a thriving business, built on expert craftsmanship and a rich cultural history. Alltribes gets much of their inventory from some of the most skilled makers of Southwest jewelry.

Many people believe Atsidi Sani, a Navajo, was the tribe's first blacksmith and silversmith.  He is credited with launching the movement that continues today. Modern Southwest jewelry designers keep that spirit alive through their work.

At Alltribes, we offer Southwest jewelry at the best prices available. Much of today's work combines modern craftsmanship with culturally significant symbols and imagery that never fails to capture the imagination of those who browse through our stunning and inspiring collection.

Many of the symbols you'll see on Southwest Indian jewelry, have been used for generations and represent several aspects of daily life and spiritual beliefs. The stonework and detailed artistry pays homage to a history of meticulous craftsmanship and skill. Many of the techniques and stone varieties used in the 19th century are still being implemented into today's Southwest jewelry.

Other examples, also, detail the stunning landscapes of the Four Corners region, where many tribes still live and create Southwest jewelry. Their angular carvings and use of color make these pieces recognized, as some of the most popular items around.

Anyone shopping for Southwest jewelry should take some time to check out our growing catalog. Alltribes offers the industry's best prices on the most sought after styles.

Our inventory includes one-of-a-kind examples made by today’s most talented and dedicated Southwest Jewelry designers. Our customers are drawn to the very distinct and unique pieces that capture their personality and also, embrace the cultural beliefs that inspire many of our products.


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