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Native American Navajo Jewelry

Here at Alltribes, we have a vast collection of Native American Navajo jewelry!   We have members of the Navajo tribe, who are artists and silversmiths that work out of our storefront location in Gilbert, Arizona. We can assure you that our pieces are genuine.

Turquoise and silver are the main components used in Navajo jewelry. One story says that the ancient Native Americans believed that the turquoise they found was actually pieces that fell from the sky. Ancient Native Americans started to mine turquoise for adornment purposes and excavated turquoise from the Kingman and Sleeping Beauty mines in Arizona. We purchase beads and nuggets from these areas, so we know what we are getting. The miners sell directly to us, and we in turn, put our silversmiths to work for our customers.

The Navajo entered the Southwest sometime in the 14th-16th century. They developed techniques from the Spanish and the Pueblo Tribes and used beaded necklaces and Conchos for their appreciation of adornment. Early Navajo silverwork focused on concha (Concho) belts, bracelets, bow guards, tobacco flasks and necklaces. Rings, earrings, pins, hair ornaments, buckles and bolos evolved from these. A full line of jewelry spread from these. The early silversmiths used coins and melted them down in order to mold their jewelry pieces. Today, they solder with other metals and create some of the most beautiful and artistic designs.

Alltribes’ silversmiths that are seen daily on our premises have a great deal of experience and talent. Verna Blackgoat, Tom Ahasteen, Lenora Begay-Silversmith, Jimmy Emerson, Joey McCray, Mark Stewart and Mark Sturlin, just to name a few.

Check out our great selections, and let us know, if we can be of further assistance to you. Our sales associates would be happy to share their expertise with you.


Alltribes Navajo Jewelry

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