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The Medicine Wheel is a major symbol of peace among all living beings on Earth - it represents connections, harmony, and balance. Scattered across the plains of Alberta are a number of stone Medicine Wheels. Some are extremely large, 12 meters or more across. They are the remains of special ceremonial dance and spiritual events celebrated by the Plains First Nations people.

The term "medicine wheel" was first applied to the Big Horn Medicine Wheel in Wyoming, one of the largest in existence. That site consists of a central circle of piled rock surrounded by a circle of stone; "Rays" of stones travel out from the center of rock and its surrounding circle. The whole structure looks rather like the wheel of a bike.

Native american medicine wheels have four directional energy's. The four directional energies that perfectly correspond with the wisdom of the Native Americans were: 1) Oshun; 2) Ogun; 3) Elegba; and 4) Obatala. Yoruba medical principles give us a system which harmonizes with the directional energies in a Planetary Herbology. One can perceive a universal wisdom that is common in every system and culture of herbal medicine. If the universal energy is One, then the foundation on which the four energies rest is Universal Energy. In other words, if the universal center is the source of all great herbal inspirations, then these four directional energies are the vehicles through which the inspiration becomes manifest. There is no other explanation for the similarities between herbal systems around the world. Every ancient culture taught the "sacred four". They indicated that we must pass through all four aspects, or directions, if we are to be complete and balanced human beings.

    * Oshun, is represented by the color yellow. This Orisha indicates medicines which effect the digestive organs, circulatory system, and the elimination system. Its direction is East.
    * Ogun, is represented by the color green.This Orisha indicates medicines which tone the tendons, and sinews. Its direction is south.
    * Elegba, is represented by the color black. Medicines indicated are herbs which effect the Brain and nervous system. Its direction is West.
    * Obatala, is represented by the color white.This Orisha indicates herbs, and white purity that cure human deformities. Its direction is North.

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