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Ornate silver inlaid presentation models of the tomahawk with a tomahawk head, which were brought to Indian leaders as gifts, were manufactured for the Indian trade. Each nation produced tomahawks and tomahawk heads with their own patterns and markings. The French tomahawk head was shaped like a fleur-de-lis, the English blade resembled a straight ax, and the Spanish tomahawk was shaped like a broad ax. The Indian artisans are credited with giving the tomahawk head and tomahawk its crowning glory by adding beads and fur, carved designs, and painted handles. They attached beaded tabs and appendages, which were in perfect proportion to the tomahawk.

A spearhead or spear head is the sharpened tip of a spear. Spears are pole weapons used for hunting and war. They primarily consist of a shaft, usually of wood, with a sharpened spearhead. The spearhead may be simply the sharpened end of the shaft itself, as it is the case of bamboo spears, or it may be made of another material fastened to the shaft, such as obsidian, bronze, steel, pewter, or bone. The most common design is that of a metal spearhead which is shaped like a triangle or a leaf. During the late Bronze Age, the most common personal weapon was a spear, until the advent of firearms. Spears with various types of spearheads are seen as the ancestor of such weapons as the lance, the halberd, the naginata, and the pike. The spear with a spearhead or spear head is one of the earliest weapons fashioned by human beings and their ancestors, and it is still used for hunting and fishing. The spear with a spearhead still influences contemporary military arsenals as seen in the design of the rifle-mounted bayonet.

Spears can be used as melee and ballistic weapons. Spears with pewter, bone, or obsidian spearheads are used primarily for thrusting and tend to have heavier, sturdier designs than those intended for throwing. Two of the most popular throwing spears are the javelin thrown by the ancient Greeks and the pilum used by the Romans.

This collection of Spear & Tomahawk Heads includes a cast iron tomahawk head, obsidian spear head or spearhead, brass tomahawk head, and other metal tomahawk heads and spearheads. There are also a variety of spearheads and tomahawk heads available for our 2 for 1 Sale.

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