Gemstone French Hook Earrings

Gemstone French Hook Earrings

For centuries, cultures from around the world have used gemstones for personal adornment and for their healing characteristics. For example, the ancient Greeks used the Amethyst, which is a variety of the Quartz gemstone group, to ward off the effects of drinking "too much wine." Opals have been to symbolize "good luck".

Today, it is common for a person to have a personal gem stone. Usually, this personal stone may be associated with a zodiac sign or a birth month. This gem stone may represent a favorite color, or it may be an object that has been passed down through the generations. It is something that people develop a deep connection for.

Turquoise provides strength, protection from harm, psychic sensitivity, and a connection to the spirit world. If a friend gives you Turquoise as a gift, the stone will protect you from negative energy and good fortune, and brings peace to the home. It is a symbol of friendship. Turquoise takes on the characteristics of its owner, is considered to be on of the oldest stones, and requires the owner to give it proper attention.

Ancient Egyptian cultures made a practice of burying a Lapis lazuli scarab, which is a blue ancient gem stone, with the dead because it was believed to offer protection. These cultures valued lapis lazuli more highly than gold. The Greeks spoke of an ancient sapphire. There are also those people that believed dreaming of lapis would foretell love that would be forever faithful. When meditating with Lapis Lazuli, matters become clearer. It's considered to be one of the most powerful stones and care should be used. The Egyptians used Lapis as a symbol of truth.

In the past, Coral had been called the "garden of the sea". Although it was once believed to be a plant, scientists now know it contains living animals called polyps. It forms as a result of accumulated skeletal masses from these polyps. Red Coral is the most sought after color, but coral can also be found in pink, white, yellow, and black. Thousands of years ago, coral was used in decorative art objects. When worn as a necklace, it provides protection from skin disease and prevents ill fortune. A dream about Coral was believed to predict the recovery from a long illness, and it's used in meditation. A dark red coral stimulates the blood stream, and pink coral restores harmony of the heart, aids in depression, lethargy, and deficient nutrition.

A wide variety of traditional and modern techniques were used to create these Multi-Stone Silver or Gold French Hook Earrings which include inlay and silversmithing. These techniques were introduced by Native American cultures that include the Zuni, Hopi, and Navajo.

Native Americans have been handcrafting jewelry since they first drew inspiration from their natural surroundings and transformed shell and stone into wearable jewelry. Some of the oldest discovered pieces date from over 10,000 years ago. The skilled artisans at Alltribes continue the age-old tradition and create captivating works of art that will surpass your expectations!

Alltribes is one of the rare workshops that you can actually come in and visit, and see the artists creating extraordinary pieces of jewelry. While most of our silversmiths are Navajo, we employ artists of a wide variety of backgrounds. Some work from home, on the reservation, and some work here in our shop. We are conveniently located near Scottsdale, Mesa and Phoenix, AZ in the historic town of Gilbert. Alltribes Native American Art and Jewelry blends ancient history, natural beauty, and unparalleled expertise flawlessly.

Our Jewelry

The design and quality of our Silver and Turquoise jewelry are unmatched and stand far above the rest. Turquoise conveys a special meaning as it has for centuries and in populations across the globe. Turquoise signifies healing, spirit and good fortune. With masterful techniques, our artisans incorporate this semi-precious stone into beautiful and intricate designs, drawing customers from around the world.

You can own a piece of Native American artistry without spending a fortune. Alltribes provides deep discounts because we don't purchase our jewelry elsewhere. Our in-house artists and silversmiths create custom pieces without the extra expenses of middlemen, shipping and tariffs.

Our Local History

Gilbert, AZ provides the ideal location for crafting our Native American jewelry. The Navajo and Hopi Indian tribes have inhabited nearby lands for many thousands of years. Their eternal respect for natural beauty and their innate talent shines through in every handcrafted piece of jewelry.

Our dazzling, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise comes from a nearby mine in Globe, AZ. This unique and exceedingly rare turquoise is renowned for its hardness, durability, and gorgeous color. Our artisans preserve the natural beauty of this precious stone, so you can admire its elegance for years to come. A hand buffed polish protects the stones and heightens its natural beauty.

Our Tradition

In addition to Native American jewelry, Alltribes upholds the ancient traditions of Native Americans by offering more than remarkable jewelry. We offer a wide variety of Native American Cultural Art including authentic Hopi Kachina dolls, pueblo pottery, Navajo Wool Rugs, hand-dyed leather belts, dreamcatchers, tomahawks and other Southwestern and Native American artifacts, to beautify your home and your life. It is our pleasure, to help spread knowledge about the Native American culture to the general public.

As part of our continuing effort to inform and inspire, we offer a vast array of in-depth knowledge for those who want to learn more about Native Americans and the Southwest. Our online knowledge center is free for all and includes some of the most interesting and complete information available online.

Alltribes has been serving our valued customers for over 50 years, so you can rest assured that when you have a question or concern, we'll be right here, ready to help. When you purchase something online today, you never know if the company will still be there, next week or next month.

Alltribes' reputation and longstanding experience ensure you get more than just jewelry – you get a wealth of seasoned knowledge and exceptional service…..that you can count on! We consider our customers to be part of our extended family and we're proud to say that our family now spans continents. We'd love to have you join us!

In addition to our local Native American products, we offer distinguished wares, sourced from Native American tribes across the U.S. Navajo, Hopi, Zuni and other Native American artists provide one-of-a-kind items that we proudly offer to you, at direct to you prices!

Alltribes is much more than just a manufacturer, store and knowledge center. We keep a jewelry workshop on site. If you want a custom design, our silversmiths will work with you to turn your dream into reality. Have an idea for something new? Talk with our artisans and discuss how to bring it to fruition. And should your beloved jewelry ever need to be repaired, we help with that, too.

Whether you're a Native American enthusiast, a collector, a designer or simply someone who loves beauty, Alltribes showcases a diverse collection of superior artifacts, sure to satisfy even the most selective customer.