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Indian Pottery

We sell high quality hand crafted Indian Pottery from the Navajo (or Dine'), Hopi and Pueblo tribes and also from Casas Grandes ( Mata Ortiz ).

Mata Ortiz Pottery

Mata Ortiz Pottery was inspired by a new artistic movement due to the efforts of Juan Quezada. Juan Quezada is the self-taught creator of modern Mata Ortiz pottery.Mata Ortiz pots are hand coiled without the use of a pottery wheel. The shaping & polishing of the clay to the hand painted designs is entirely done by hand, with brushes made from children's hair. All of the materials and tools originate from supplies available locally. The fuel for the Low temp firing is grass-fed cow manure or split wood. Each characteristic comes from an ancient pottery tradition.

Dazzler Mata Ortiz Pottery

We sell high quality Genuine Dazzler Mata Ortiz Pottery by Mata Ortiz Potters from the Casas Grandes region of Mexico. Dazzler Mata Ortiz Pottery is hand painted without the use of any stencils of any kind with fine lines that cover most or all of the pot. Each Dazzler pot always has an eye catching design due to there amazing paint jobs.

Effigy Mata Ortiz Pottery

Effigy Mata Ortiz Pottery, or Animal Pottery, captures the spirit of animals. Effigy pottery represents creatures or people in three-dimensional form. Mata Ortiz pottery such as effigy pottery provides an income for the people of Mata Ortiz.

Black on Black Mata Ortiz Pottery

We have a great selection high quality Black on Black Mata Ortiz Pottery. Black on Black Mata Ortiz Pottery has become increasingly more collectible than any other style Mata Ortiz Pottery.

Polychrome Mata Ortiz Pottery

We have a huge selection of high quality hand coiled authentic Polychrome Mata Ortiz Pottery to choose from. Polychrome Pottery pieces were one of the first type of pots created by Juan Quezada.

Turquoise Mata Ortiz Pottery

Our Turquoise Mata Ortiz Pottery is a Mata Ortiz pot covered in genuine chips of turquoise with offerings to the spirits. A hand coiled pot covered in genuine Turquoise chips adorned with animal carvings, offerings to the animal spirits, for spiritual prayer.

Horse Hair Indian Pottery

Horsehair Pottery, an American Indian art form that dates back many many years. Its name implies that it is made using the hair from the main and tail of a horse. It is said that a pueblo potter who had long hair had their hair blow against a piece of pottery when they were removing the Pueblo Made Pottery from the hot kiln, the hair stuck and the the result was so interesting that she duplicated it with hair their a horse's tail. Today many tribes make horsehair pottery, sometimes etched and sometimes decorated with pieces of turquoise;designs are sometimes painted over the horsehair.

Navajo Indian Pottery

Traditional Navajo Indian Pottery was originally fairly thick in appearance, with little or no design and were mainly used to hold water or to use in cooking. Over the last few decades Navajo Indian Pottery designs have changed dramatically. All the Navajo pottery we sell is handmade individually. Today, many Navajo Indian Pottery artists are hand coiling their pieces rather than using a wheel. All carved and etched Navajo Indian Pottery pieces are hand carved and hand painted.

Jemez Indian Pottery

The Jemez people have now been recognized as a great pottery makers. Jemez pottery making was reestablished at Jemez in the early 1980's.The Jemez potters have also been able to bring some modern concepts to their pottery.

Jemez Indian People

The Jemez Pueblo is located about fifty miles Northwest of Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Jemez people are the ancestors of the great Anasazi of the four corners area. Although they have a small population of about 3100 tribal members they hold true to their customs and traditions. The only time non tribal members are permitted to go into the pueblo is when there are feats/festivals and these are rarely announced. Fortunately, Alltribes Native American Art has had the opportunity to personally know some of the pottery artists from Jemez Pueblo.

Wedding Vase Pottery

Most Native American Wedding Vase Pottery used in ceremonies like the wedding vase is considered to be sacred and cannot be sold to the public. Tribal members must give or receive them to each other. Wedding Vase Pottery is different from the American Indian Pottery that is meant enjoyed as works of art. Wedding Vase Pottery is a welcome addition to any Southwest decor home,or office. The Native American Navajo, Hopi, Zuni, Acoma, and Jemez Indian tribes create beautiful handmade, hand painted wedding vases.

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