Powers of Turquoise

Anselmus De Boot a court physician and an seventeenth century emperor, found himself, one night, traveling a very narrow and dangerous road. His horse stumbled. De Boot was thrown to the ground and, while neither he nor his horse were injured, he found that a piece of turquoise from his ring had broken off.

Another time, while lifting a heavy pole, he felt a sudden stabbing pain in his side and heard his ribs crack. His injury was only a sprain but this time, his turquoise had broken into two pieces. He began to believe the legends which said turquoise would not only protect it's owners horse from tiring, from the ill effects of drinking cold water when overheated and make him more sure-footed, but it will also protect the wearer from falls and injury.

Today, De Boot would be astonished to see turquoise owners taking their stones for granted or oblivious to the magical properties they possess. Do they know, for instance, that turquoise also protects its owners from falls over cliffs or crumbling walls? The logic is simple, according to one physician who practiced centuries ago. "Whomever wears a turquoise so that it , or its gold setting". he said, "touches the skin, may fall from any height and the stone attracts to itself the whole force of the blow, so that it cracks and the person is safe."

Remember now, these are magical powers supposedly possessed by turquoise. remember this especially before jumping from a high cliff clutching your turquoise.

Russians once believed that turquoise would protect them from fatal wounds, Arabian and Persian turquoise owners believed it could dispel fear and protect the wearer from drownings, lightning and snake and scorpion bites. The people of India believed the stone averted evil, brought about the favor of princes and banished unpleasant dreams. The kings of Damascus, meanwhile, were convinced that turquoise stones worn on the neck and hands would keep them from being killed. "Have you ever seen turquoise on the hands of a dead man?" they asked, ignoring skeptics who suggested it had probably been stolen.

With all the wonderful medicinal properties attributed to the turquoise, it is a wonder its owner ever manages to die and leave it to someone else. Turquoise has been recommended as a cure for melancholy, hernias, vague swellings, dyspepsia, cancerous sores and insanity. It can, some say, remove poison and heat from the liver. Having trouble with ulcers? Turquoise can help there and also relieve and prevent headaches. The priest in the Exorcist missed his chance when he ignored the properties of turquoise. He must not have known that it will drive away pains "caused by demonical or evil influences".

Turquoise is effective when treating all diseases of the head and heart, according to legend, and combined with other ingredients, will relieve pain caused by assault and epilepsy. When cut into shavings and moistened, this helps feebleness and nausea.

When it comes to eye problems, however, turquoise really excels. Broken membranes in your eye? Turquoise can "glue" them back together. It is said to have the power to repress growths such as warts and pustules. It "brightens and refreshes the vision when looked at fixedly," and can be used as an eye salve. In Afganistan it is said that when a turquoise ring is dipped in wart and applied to the eye, it will cure cataracts. If you happen to be driving at night in Arabia or Persia, turquoise can cure night blindness as well as increase the luster of the eyes and prevent fluid from failing them.

Turquoise is very perspective. An old proverb stated, "The sympathizing Turquoise true doth tell by looking pale, the wearer is not well." Turquoise owners today might do well to heed this old proverb and save a few doctor bills! If their turquoise becomes moist and changes color there is a chance it is in the presence of disease or poison. If the stone does grow pale on the finger of a sickly person, by transferring it to a healthy relative or friend he at least saves the ring as the beautiful blue color will be restored.

Native Americans have been handcrafting jewelry since they first drew inspiration from their natural surroundings and transformed shell and stone into wearable jewelry. Some of the oldest discovered pieces date from over 10,000 years ago. The skilled artisans at Alltribes continue the age-old tradition and create captivating works of art that will surpass your expectations!

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Our Jewelry

The design and quality of our Silver and Turquoise jewelry are unmatched and stand far above the rest. Turquoise conveys a special meaning as it has for centuries and in populations across the globe. Turquoise signifies healing, spirit and good fortune. The masterful techniques, our artisans incorporate this semi-precious stone into beautiful and intricate designs, draws customers from around the world.

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Our Local History

Gilbert, AZ provides the ideal location for crafting our Native American jewelry. The Navajo and Hopi Indian tribes have inhabited nearby lands for many thousands of years. Their eternal respect for natural beauty and their innate talent shines through in every handcrafted piece of jewelry.

Our dazzling, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise comes from a nearby mine in Globe, AZ. This unique and exceedingly rare turquoise is renowned for its hardness, durability, and gorgeous color. Our artisans preserve the natural beauty of this precious stone, so you can admire its elegance for years to come. A hand buffed polish protects the stones and heightens its natural beauty.

Our Tradition

In addition to Native American jewelry, Alltribes upholds the ancient traditions of Native Americans by offering more than remarkable jewelry. You can also own Hopi Kachina dolls, pueblo pottery, hand-dyed leather belts, dreamcatchers, tomahawks and other Southwestern and Native American artifacts, to beautify your home and your life. It is our pleasure, to help spread knowledge about the Native American culture to the general public.

As part of our continuing effort to inform and inspire, we offer a vast array of in-depth knowledge for those who want to learn more about Native Americans and the Southwest. Our online knowledge center is free for all and includes some of the most interesting and complete information available online.

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