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Coral Chandelier Dangle Earrings

For many years, Coral has been considered a gift from the ocean that reminds us of our eternal foundation. It lives and breathes in the sea; however, its roots are anchored in the earth. Coral is hard and durable in the ocean, and it is composed of the skeletal material of calcium carbonate of tiny animals that form reef-plant-like hard branches. Red, pink, and white coral is primarily calcium carbonate, and the golden or black coral is conchiolin. These types of coral are used to make coral necklaces.

Various coral forms have been used into small pieces to create Indian jewelry such as coral earrings, coral necklaces, coral bracelets, coral rings, coral rings, coral pendants and coral chokers. These tiny pieces of coral are made into beads or cut cabochons and inlaid techniques are used to set them in Sterling Silver or Gold settings. The small twig pieces are often sold as brooches or carved into figures, such as flowers or animals. When an Indian jewelry artisan uses coral with a combination of Turquoise, Opal, Lapis, Mother of Pearl or other gemstones, the contrast with different stones is striking.

Years ago, people thought that coral was a stone. People have also believed that coral protects children, and historically, it was given to other countries as gifts. When buying coral jewelry, please note that some coral may be an imitation of the real deal. Imitation coral can be produced by using materials such as plastic, glass, porcelain, and stained bone and used to make Native American Indian jewelry such as Coral Chandelier Dangle Earrings, coral necklaces, coral earrings, coral rings, or multi stone jewelry. Natural coral has a distinctive wood grain texture which is used to identify the real thing. Silica in ocean water hardens coral, turning it into the gemstone agate over thousands of years, with the coral appearing as beautiful flowers in the stone.

Our collection of Coral Chandelier Earrings and Dangle Earrings features earrings that have only coral or coral with a combination of other gemstones such as turquoise, lapis, mother of pearl, and opal. We offer a variety of styles which include French hook earrings, post earrings, and hoop earrings.

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