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Coral is a semi-precious stone that symbolizes 35 years of marriage and comes in a variety of colors that include red, blue, orange, rose, white, and black. Red and pink are said to be the most valued colors. Coral's colors range from a blush pale pink shade, known as Angel Skin, which is the rarest form of coral in the world, to an orange or deep red shade, known as Ox Blood, which is the second rarest color, to white, which is the most popular. The most sought after Coral is an orange red color that comes from the Mediterranean around Algeria and Tunisia; however, it has also been found in the sea near Naples and off the coast of the Italian islands and Japan.

Because Coral faces a constant battle with aquatic predators, which suck the polyps from the reefs, and the effects of pollution, reefs have been disappearing. Currently, the coral reefs are protected, which explains the increase of imitation coral used to create Coral Jewelry such as a Coral Post Earring or pair of Coral Post Earrings.

In the past, Coral was used to combat difficulties of the lungs and digestion. Some people believe Coral, such as the coral used to create Coral Post Earrings, relates to the circulation of the blood and to the heart. Coral restores harmony in the event of an emotional conflict, works against nutritional deficiencies, depression, and lethargy. Other people believe it has mystical capabilities, cures madness, gives wisdom, and builds an emotional foundation.

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