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Native American Bone Chokers for Sale

The Native American bone choker has become a symbol of both Native American folklore and contemporary fashion. Originally, the traditional bone choker was worn by Native American to physically and symbolically protect the throat and the voice. Traditionally made from bird legs and sinew from different accessible animals, the bone choker was not simply a fashionable piece of Native American jewelry but the process by which a person would construct and value the work was both intricate and complicated.

Depending on the tribe, bone chokers were not something made by an individual but a specific member of the tribe would be designated and authorized to construct and bless these bone chokers. There are hundreds of stories and that have been passed down through generations and it is in the eyes of the interpreter to decide its meaning.

Today contemporary fashion has taken the traditional bone choker and brought it into mainstream. Several movie stars and notables are wearing turquoise bone chokers, silver bone chokers, and other Native American bone necklaces to accessorize their attire.

Here at Alltribes we manufacture, buy, sell and trade all types of Native American bone chokers. Some of these Native American bone chokers are not Native American made and others are. We do not misrepresent any of our bone chokers and clearly notify the customer if they are authentic Native American made bone chokers or purchase from another entity. We will only certify bone chokers if we are 100% sure they are in fact Native made.

We hope that all bone chokers are worn with the respect and appreciation of the folklore which they represent and hope they bring you protection, peace and even glamour.

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