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Liquid silver beads, which are otherwise known as silver Heishi, may be elegant or understated. When strung together to form a liquid silver necklace, the fine small tubular beads imitate a seamless silver rope. These beads are most often strung together on multi-strand necklaces that give the appearance of cascading water; thus, the term "liquid"? silver. Liquid Silver Necklaces are made of .925 sterling silver beads.

Currently, there are four types of liquid silver beads used to create liquid silver necklaces. They are capsule beads, Heishi corrugated tube beads, tube beads, and Heishi beads. When liquid silver is a secondary element to the design of a necklace, capsule and tube beads are used to create a disjointed look, and, whereby the capsule and tube beas are used as spacers. The Heishi beads provide the true "liquid silver" look.

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