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Watches were first invented in sixteenth century Germany by Peter Henlein. Ever since then watches have not only been worn as functional timepieces but also as fashionable pieces of jewelry. In the seventeenth century watches were kept in cases embellished with details and were often made to form images of animals. Watches were used to make a fashion statement both about the owner of the watch and the watchmaker himself.

Watchmakers began opening up shops across Europe in the eighteenth century. The young and old, the poor and wealthy of Europe all had unique hand made watches. The intricacy detail, and materials of a persons watch stood as a symbol of the owner's status.

The early ninteenth saw Luther Goddard begin the first watch manufacturing company in the United States. Later in the century new watch technologies were developed such as the first duo time zone watch, and the creation of the millionometre (a device that allows for measurements down to a thousandth of a millimeter thus allowing for more intricate gears). The early twentieth century brought forth the first wrist watches to have sounding alarms. This was also the time when Native American jewelry artists of the southwest started making the first silver wrist watches and silver watch bracelets often dressed with gemstones such as Turquoise and Coral.

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